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How We Serve Our Community

Founded in 2015, Athensmade is a nonprofit organization harnessing local resources to build a world-class business ecosystem, helping Athens thrive by championing its creative spirit.

Events, Eyes on Athens, Storytelling, National Articles, Podcast, Telling the Story of Athens, One Million Cups, Branding, Ambassadors.

Events, Meet the Maker, Experience, Apprenticeship, Connecting expertise to needs, Internships, Intern Lab, Social Lab, Pop-up Classes.

Startup Space Advisor, Influencer Introductions, Providing aid for business, Partnership Connector.

Fundraising Advocacy, Creating awareness of community, Resources for local businesses.

Mentor, Meet the Maker, Strengthening relationships, Eyes on Athens, Memberships

Local Sourcing Guide, Making sure local businesses think local first.

Specific Annual Goals

  • Introduce 100 Athensmade brands to a local, regional or national audience.
  • Engage 100 business owners in expert knowledge sharing
  • Connect 50 businesses wit necessary resources.
  • Coach 12 businesses in fundraising
  • Match 25 business owners with 25 business mentors. 
  • Recognize 100 local businesses in area guide.