3-Year Strategic Plan





Athens becomes known as one of the best small cities in the world to pursue creative business visions — a place where passion-fueled entrepreneurs, innovators and makers can happily live, work, and raise their families. 


Athensmade builds and empowers our community by connecting Athens' creative spirit to its many educational resources and shares our community's innovation with the world. By helping creative professionals thrive, creating educational opportunities between local innovators and young Athenians, and inspiring the next generation of doers, Athensmade is a key partner in building a world-class business ecosystem in Athens. 


For the Athens Community: 

  • We work to benefit the entire Athens community. 

  • We are engaged and involved - we are helping to shape Athens and bring the voice of creative and innovative professionals to the table. 

For Students: 

  • We invest in and provide opportunities for young citizens who want to learn, improve, and succeed in our creative community. 

  • We expose our local youth to local creative enterprises. 

  • We provide scholarship money for post-secondary education. 

For Donors: 

  • We are flexible, adaptable and responsive to changing community needs. 

  • We collaborate closely with Athens Clarke County to understand economic priorities, which will inform Athensmade’s decisions. 

  • We are excellent stewards of resources-understanding that community impact is a priority to our donors. 

Within Operations: 

  • We operate ethically, with the utmost professionalism and integrity, and with clarity, transparency and accountability in all that we do within the organization and in the community. 

  • We strive for continual improvement and organizational renewal through ongoing self-assessment, planning, and board development. 


Connect Local Innovators to Students 

  • Partner with Clarke County School District to facilitate discussion in the classroom led by local innovators about local businesses and creative career paths. 

  • Collaborate with community partners to provide an opportunity for young people to learn about and explore innovation and entrepreneurship supported by creative professionals. 

  • Provide scholarship money to students interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, community leadership or any creative pursuit for post-secondary education. 

Create a Thriving ‘Business Ecosystem’ in Athens, GA 

  • Help attract new creative & entrepreneurial businesses to Athens. 

  • Help local creative business connect to great talent, partnerships and mentors. 

  • Provide useful and engaging programs that support our members’ growth. 

  • Tell the story of success happening in Athens to the world. 

Grow Current and Additional Revenue Streams 

  • Convey compelling value propositions for new and existing donors to invest in our work. 

  • Cultivating revenue growth through the identification and engagement of top foundations, corporations and individuals (including other revenue options).