Amplifying Brands. Attracting Talent.


Athens Is Our Brand.
Our Community Defines It.

Athensmade is a non-profit organization that exists to educate, support and promote homegrown brands, entrepreneurs and creative professionals in Athens, Ga. We work to promote the stories of local innovation and business growth.



A little over a year ago, a group of Athens entrepreneurs got to talking.  The subject was the local business community and the issue was an identity crisis.  The people talking were all owners of successful Athens-based enterprises who found that their stories weren’t being told.  Under the leadership of local entrepreneur Davis Knox, there were many more conversations held and many more collaborations formed before a plan solidified and Athensmade was born.  The guiding vision of the organization is to build awareness of local businesses and attract talented people to Athens.  They aim to make Athens nationally known as a community where entrepreneurs, young professionals and creative professionals thrive.

Economic Gardening

Athensmade is at its core an “economic gardening” initiative.  According to the Kauffman Foundation, economic gardening is “ economic development model that embraces the fundamental idea that entrepreneurs drive economies. The model seeks to create jobs by supporting existing companies in a community.” The underpinning of an economic gardening approach is assisting local existing second-stage companies in areas critical to their overall financial success.  One of those critical areas is website and search engine traffic.  Enter the most fundamental of Athensmade’s efforts: their branding initiative, a campaign in which they will simultaneously promote Athens’ brands to larger markets through content creation and social media outreach, while at the same time promoting Athens as a destination for the next generation of entrepreneurs by cultivating leaders from within the community and undertaking campaigns to share the quality of life of our community.  The website,, will serve as a clearinghouse of information about local businesses and will cross-pollinate with a company’s own websites to build awareness and drive traffic.

Experiential Learning Institute

Another local business support function, and perhaps their most creative initial endeavors, is the creation of the Experiential Learning Institute (ELI), which exists to introduce students to the professional world beyond the Arches. Athensmade is developing the ELI in response to the new graduation requirement pioneered by the University of Georgia that asks all undergraduates, regardless of degree, to complete one hands-on learning experience while enrolled.  By partnering with UGA, Athensmade is assisting professors and advisors to direct students to internships within the local Athens business community by being a single point of contact between internship-seekers and Athens-based companies. Part of the ELI’s work will also include the development of a Best Practices Manual for recruiting and working with interns - a resource that can be used by any business to more effectively utilize student talent coming out of UGA and the other postsecondary institutions.  The manual will include tools for recruitment and management as well as assistance in navigating the specific logistical and legal considerations that come along with working with students.


The guiding vision of our organization is to build awareness of local businesses and attract talented people to Athens. We aim to make Athens nationally known as a community where entrepreneurs, young professionals and creative professionals thrive.


So just what does it mean to be Athensmade?  An Athensmade company is headquartered right here in Athens-Clarke County and can be either a service-provider or a goods-producer. Athensmade businesses can range from a one-person show to a mega corporation, as long as they are a brand that calls our fair city home.  The honor of using the Athensmade logo will be granted to eligible local companies on an annual basis at an awards ceremony every spring.  Companies honored will have the privilege of using the Athensmade logo on their wares and marketing materials and will be asked to join the Advisory Board of Athensmade to ensure the needs of local businesses continue to remain front and center in the organization.  It is their hope that a continued conversation among successful Athens’ based endeavors will cultivate more entrepreneurship by improving the overall narrative around doing business in Athens and by focusing a conversation on how to better support local enterprise.  To that end, Athensmade has formed a strategic partnership with the Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Department to function as the local business ambassador for the department’s business development and retention efforts.  Athens-Clarke County has committed to assist in the initial start-up costs of Athensmade by offering matching funding for the first two years.  With that commitment in place, Athensmade was able to onboard Executive Director Mary Charles Howard, a name that many in Athens associate with Athens Food Tours and the annual Agro Cycle Tour.  Howard holds a degree in landscape architecture from UGA and most recently served as the Director of Marketing for local engineering firm.

Athensmade is one more tool in the toolkit for businesses in Athens.  With a laser focus on locally made products and locally provided services, entrepreneurship support and close relationships with the University of Georgia, Athensmade is poised to change the dialogue about what it means to be made in Athens.
















The Vision

Founded in 2015, Athensmade is a nonprofit organization looking to build awareness of local businesses and attract talented entrepreneurs, creatives, and young professionals to Athens, Ga. We aim to become nationally known as a community that supports homegrown brands, local innovation and business growth.

The Purpose

To drive local economic growth and diversity by developing the brand of Athens through initiatives and programs that help build and support local businesses, assist entrepreneurs, and foster connections between local educators and our business community. We also aim to engage the community in the development of a succinct and well known spirit of pride around doing business in Athens by partnering with businesses and other nonprofits within the community.

The Goals

• To grow the number of businesses started in Athens, Ga. each year

• To serve 20 businesses per year by attracting key talent required by those companies and to increase by 10% per year the number of local graduates to take meaningful jobs in the Athens area, and

• To encourage experiential learning by helping educators connect to local businesses with a goal of the creation of 20 new internships per year and to create a minimum of 30 classroom experiences with local businesses.



Through our storytelling series, we aim to highlight the success of businesses based in Athens. Athensmade will also host community events to educate local businesses, especially entrepreneurs, small businesses and creative professionals on locally available resources and to collect input on community needs. In addition, Athensmade will coordinate a K-12 entrepreneurship guest speaker program with local schools in Athens-Clarke County, Ga.




Athensmade will honor select businesses annually and in exchange ask their founder or CEO to serve on the Athensmade advisory board. These ambassadors will provide feedback to Athensmade about challenges facing local businesses and help provide direction on services. They will also be called to testify to their experiences doing business in Athens, especially to organizations outside the Athens area. The ambassador’s company will be given a no-cost license to use the Athensmade logo on products / services.



Educational Pathways

Athensmade’s Experiential Learning Institute will provide a linkage for local students and educators (both secondary and university) to local businesses. Athensmade will determine the need and availability of student-interns, serving as a conduit between local businesses and local schools, including the University of Georgia (UGA), Piedmont College, Athens Tech and local secondary and post-secondary schools. Athensmade will additionally reduce barriers to participation in experiential learning activities by providing legal and regulatory guidance regarding internships.