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Athensmade Visits Winterville Mayor

Last Friday, a handful of Athensmade’s board members made the short, 10-mile trip to Winterville’s Community Center, where they met with Winterville’s, mayor Dodd Farrelle. Upon their arrival, Dodd paused a moment in the center’s main hallway to comment on the walls that were colorfully covered with art. Drawings of Winterville’s historic buldings, created through a contest of Winterville elementary school students, neatly hung on display, with the winner’s drawing from each class framed. 

Over lunch, Athensmade shared their history, vision and projects with Dodd, as he shared stories of his community’s growth and passion for arts and education. 

“I am excited by the energy generated from our meeting and sincerely believe that the vision for Athensmade and the vision for Winterville will collide to create something special for Clarke County in the very near future!,” Dodd said.



After lunch, Dodd toured the group through the upstairs of the center, once a historic schoolhouse that served as Winterville High School until 1968. Dodd expressed enthusiasm about the potential to renovate the space into a place for local artists. 

Everyone then walked next door to see the renovation progress on the interior of the historic Winterville Auditorium. 

Built by the hands of the community in 1950, the auditorium suddenly caught fire and burned soon after its completion. The community rallied and again banded together, rebuilding the auditorium in three short years. Many local children jumped in and helped clean and prepare the original, charred bricks for the new building.  Now, close to seven decades later, those same children are pitching in again to help in the renovation, hoping to see their grandchildren enjoy the auditorium as they once did.


"I'm excited they have such a visionary mayor,” said Peter Dale, Athensmade board member and events committee chairman.  “The renovation of the auditorium in Winterville should be a point of pride for everyone in Clarke County.  The building has so much potential and would be an ideal venue for an Athensmade event this summer."

Athensmade looks forward to working with Winterville’s leadership and citizens to make Athens-Clarke County a stronger place to live, learn and do business. If you would like to contact Athensmade about collaborating on a project in your community or to learn more about Athensmade, contact Athensmade executive director Mary Charles Howard: