Athens Speakers Bureau


Our youth need to be encouraged and exposed to career pathways at an early age.

We hope, through our network, we can encourage civic engagement at the K-12 and postsecondary levels to help us inspire our youth to find passion in life and also to simply know more about local enterprise. 


Many local educators consistently seek speakers to engage their students. We aim to be a resource and conduit to our local business community for these incredible teachers. 


We also are happy to help coordinate speakers for other local civic entities, conferences and social clubs. 


• CLOTH & KIND (Tami Ramsay) - Small Business / Interior Design

• Simpson Says (Johnelle Simpson) - Maximizing Success / Overcoming Obstacles / Workforce Development

• Athens Gaming Theater (Kelli Ogunsanya) - Millinneal Women in Business / Personal Branding / Side Hustle 101

• Tenacea Consulting (Rebecca Ratz) - Consulting

• Athens Movement Practice (Marvin Chapman) - Fitness / Movement / Pain

• Athens Movement Practice (Jessica Groves-Chapman) - Fitness / Wellness

• reBlossom (Monira Silk) - Motherhood

• Kindercore (Ryan Lewis) - Music Business / Manufacturing

• Peachy Screen (Katiedid Langrock) - Hollywood Entertainment / Storytelling

• Brimms & Riggs (James Preston) - Film / Startups

• Ciné (Pamela Kohn) - Film / Development

• DT Productions (Andrew Levy) - Video Production

• Thrasher Photo (Jason Thrasher) - Photography

• Strong Girls (Kim Turner) - Empowering Girls / Career Development

• Terry College of Business (Jodi Barnes) - Leadership / Diversity

• Cheeky Peach (Katie Jacobs) - Leveraging Social Media for Sales