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Making a Lil’ Ice Cream Dream a Reality

One of Athens’ youngest entrepreneurs, Beau Shell, the thirteen-year-old owner of Lil’ Ice Cream Dude, sits down with author, chef and one of Athens’ best-known entrepreneurs, Hugh Acheson, to discuss how a gift on Beau's eighth birthday ignited his trailblazing career.

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Broderick Flanigan is an Athenian artist and community activist. His is the owner of the homegrown business Flanigan's Portrait Studio and assistant director of Chess & Community. Broderick's life motto is #SpreadLove, which is evident in his work. In this conversation, Broderick discusses this idea of #SpreadLove and his Athens experiences with Winterville mayor Dodd Farrelle and artist/teacher wife, Cameron Farrelle.

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Beauty Everyday

Athens native, Rinne Allen has been documenting the beauty in her everyday surroundings for years - Now she does it for a living. Rinne tells former employer, fellow artist and friend, Rebecca Wood about how Athens, Ga has influenced her work.

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Think Before You Move

Lemuel "Life" LaRoche, executive director of Chess & Community speaks with Chris Herron of Creature Comforts about how he is affecting lives of Athens' youth and the entire community one chess game at a time.

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Athens' Musicians Make Great Software Developers

David Rowe, Vice President of Partner Software, speaks with friend and fellow tech industry leader, Alessio Artuffo of Docebo, about why musicians make great software developers and his ideas on how to retain and attract more talent in Athens.

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Athens' Greatest Assets Are Its People: Q&A with Jordan Burke of Four Athens

Jordan Burke, executive director of Four Athens, is interviewed by local entrepreneur Ashley Steele about his perspective on Athens'  business start-up community.

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A Land of Freedom, Creativity & Creative People

In an interview by local artist and friend, Rinne Allen, Rebecca Wood tells the story of the rise of her business, R. Wood Studio, and the immense impact Athens, Ga., has had on her and her work.

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